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Prince Albert Jewelry

The tiara was designed by Prince Albert for Queen Victoria, is set with sapphires and diamonds and can be seen in the portrait of the Queen by Winterhalter in 1842.

from Princess Diana News Blog "All Things Princess Diana"

A Look at Royal Tiaras — Who doesn’t want to wear one?!

One of Queen Victoria's tiaras made with white diamonds and cabochon emeralds. It was designed by her husband Prince Albert. What a man!

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The 10 Most Incredible Sapphire Tiaras of All Time

Queen Victoria's Sapphire and Diamond Crown - Now is a part of the collection of the Lascelles family. It was one of four tiaras that Prince Albert had created for Queen Victoria. In 1922 George V gave the coronet to Princess Mary as a wedding gift. The tiara has been seen being worn by members of the Earl of Harewood.


Sapphire and diamond brooch given to Queen Victoria by Prince Albert the day before their wedding, 1840. [The Royal Collection Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II]


Queen Victoria's Orange Blossom Parure, c1839. Materials: Gold, white porcelain. Prince Albert gave this to Queen Victoria as a anniversary gift. He had it custom made for her and added additional pieces over the following years. Victoria always wore the tiara on her wedding anniversary even after his death. The box is inscribed “Sent to me/ by dear Albert/ from Wiesbaden/ Novr. 1839.″


The Oriental Tiara. The tiara was made for Queen Victoria in 1853. The inspiration for the design of this tiara, which includes ‘Moghul’ arches framing lotus flowers, came from Prince Albert who had been greatly impressed by the Indian jewels presented to the Queen by the East India Company at the conclusion of the Great Exhibition.


Made for Queen Victoria in 1853. Originally set with opals because Prince Albert liked them.