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Use it as a help sheet for children who might need it e.g those whose parents didn't grow up in the Church


Two Minute LDS Primary Talks, This site is awesome!!! Tons of topics and even for the upcoming lessons for 2013

I love using flipcharts like this to help the children in our congregation learn the words to the beautiful songs we sing together. The simple pictures help the non-readers to remember the words, and the act of reading the words while they sing helps the older kids to really internalize the lyrics.


printables primary talks, coloring pages, and file folder games, painting online pages

2016 LDS Primary Talks


Printable Primary Talk. Awesome free PDFs for FHE

A Child's Prayer #LDS


A Year of FHE // Helping Kids Write their own LDS Church Talks. This is such an important skill for all church members to develop, and especially to help children prepare for a lifetime of church talks AND a mission. Includes easy steps to follow and a f

from Wats-Education - from the inside looking out.

What books should a child read before they leave Primary School?

Pie Corbett