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Tel Aviv (תל אביב)

IRL Pic Of Me JIN Lioness Leviara, as Assist the US-NAVY EOD(Explosive Ordinance Disposal) as I Drop from my Wings Pylons Three MK84 2000LB Guided Free Fall Bombs. I'm an IED-AWI (Intercept Engage Destroyer-All Weather Interceptor)..As a Machine Cyborg Lioness IRL, This's My Primary Job, This's What I do Best, I'm Designed Primarily For War and All things Related.


Trial lesson ideas for primary school job interviews

Obviously won't use these lessons but they might give me some ideas! Impress at interview with a lesson using Smarties to teach maths skills. Photograph: David Sillitoe for the Guardian


Lindisfarne Stone (stone) Viking Primary creator: Lindisfarne Priory Museum, L likely erected to commemorate the dead lost in 793 AD at the Lindisfarne Priory, an event considered to mark the beginning of the Viking Age; it is thought to depict the Viking raiders who attacked the monastery;


KS4 GCSE Higher Tier Specifications and Objectives: 30 lesson plans in PowerPoint Set 2

Standard style lesson plans put into PowerPoint for easy showing in the classroom, printing for handouts etc. All the objectives covering Number, Probabil...


Half Full Art Display, Art and Colour, classroom displays, display, colour, creative, half full, Early Years (EYFS), KS1 & KS2 Primary Teaching Resources


People Who Help Display, Classroom Display, class display, people who help us, doctor, nurse, lollipop man,Early Years (EYFS),KS1& KS2 Primary Resources