The low prices of crude oil is benefitting American households dramatically. Heating oil has dropped to the price of $2 a gallon. With the low price of heating oil, people are saving about $10,000 a year.

There may be a collection price the amount the vendor establishes at slightly lower than a closed-in value. The consumer will pay this amount unless the price of heating oil decreases, then the low volume will be paid by him.

Natural gas-fired electricity generation expected to reach record level in 2016 -

Residential propane graphs

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Thermal sun energy, is that what we have then in many desert areas in this world. In the hottest strength we've ever had.What is the benefit? We keep the oil price low and have very cheap energy for everything we all want. Roofs against the sun, protection for mounting areas and also cheap electricity for electronic cars and many other things. Advantage: We probably will not get the window panes out of the skyscrapers from heat if we start right away or immediately.

According to a new report commissioned by the ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas), the state of Texas is likely to face power shortages for the next 10 years. Unless new power plants are set up to meet the growing demands, and improved economic incentives are offered to guarantee power reliability, Texans face a bleak future when it comes to meeting their electricity needs.

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The increase in the special consumption tax on heating oil introduced last year failed to bring in anticipated revenues. The tax hike - intended to boost state coffers and to curb the illegal fuel trade - led to a drop in demand of around 70%. The majority of Greek households opted against purchasing heating oil last winter because they could not afford to pay the 1.35-1.45 euros per lt that it was being sold for. Thousands of homes went without central heating last winter as a result.

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