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Preventive Dentistry | Saving Your Smile and Your Wallet

More problems than you think! Losing just one tooth can cause the adjacent teeth to shift and become loose. The more teeth that are missing, the fewer nutrients you will obtain from your food. You may choose softer, high-calorie foods because they are easier to chew, and that can lead to weight gain.


Comprehensive Preventive Dentistry

The most common reason for missing teeth is periodontal (gum) infection. Sometimes there are no symptoms until the disease is advanced. Bleeding gums when brushing or flossing and loose teeth are symptoms that your gums need immediate attention. When treated in the earlier stages, nonsurgical means can control the problem along with improved hygiene. Once the problem is advanced, surgery may be the only option.

Advanced Treatment for Gum Disease Maybe you have been told you need gum surgery to remedy this condition. But with today's advanced lasers, you can heal your gums without having surgery. What would have been considered miraculous not too long ago is now a state-of-the-art treatment. Our doctors have treated many cases of gum disease with overwhelmingly positive results! We use the Sapphire™ diode dental laser that makes your treatment virtually painless.