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Pretty Little Liars Cast: Their real ages Toby and Ezra are in the perfect age…

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characters personalities ezra lucas Alison wren jenna caleb hanna spencer Emily aria mona toby

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Community Post: Who Said It: The “Pretty Little Liars” Edition

PLL Characters - Toby, Wren, Garret, Ezra, Alison, Emily, Aria, Spencer, Hanna, Mona, Jason, Lucas, Caleb and Noel.

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Pretty Little Liars Game! I broke up with Ezra because A texted me and told me to!

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pretty little liars <3 just noticed that it says Courtney in the bottom left of this picture;) anyone that actually read the books knows who that is..

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I feel like PLL fans are the Andersons of the world- trying so hard and getting nowhere with their deductions. Like seriously guys you are literally guessing everyone.

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