Presidential primary calendar

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Latest update: (Calendar finalized) Download FHQ's calendar for  iCal or Outlook  or see it on  Google Calendar . Readin...

PICK ONE??? ARE YOU STILL CONFUSED AND UNDECIDED THEN WE Will LOSE AGAIN!!! The GOP CARTEL WILL CHOOSE FOR US ALL!!! "An Informed public make great constituents, an uninformed public make bad choices." That Is The Problem. “Since Ronald Reagan We Have Yet To Make A Unify Single Choice To Stand Behind One Candidate Early On. Hint? See What The Bible Says And Choose Wisely For America’s Sake. Which is it going to be??? Another Rouge Regime?

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The 2016 Presidential primary schedule is finally set. Some of the dates below may be subject to change as states and parties make their final decisions regarding which day to hold their primary or…

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