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The Evolution of the Campaign Poster

I have an unhealthy obsession with all things John F. Kennedy, and an even worse interest in Bobby.


History of presidential campaign posters

Earlier this year, The Library of Congress released a collectible book titled, 'Two Hundred Years of Election Art, Presidential Campaign Posters.'

Hillary Clinton Mask Halloween Presidential Candidate Poster Paper Face Mask

Before Hillary Clinton, there was Shirley Chisholm

Decades before Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, there was Shirley Chisholm. As the first black woman to run for president for a major political party, she was years ahead of her time. So why don't more people know about her?


Digitally restored Presidential Poster of Republican Party nominees Canvas Art - John ParrotStocktrek Images (33 x 25)

Theodore Roosevelt / Charles Fairbanks 1904 Campaign Poster. Seen in the new Library of Congress book of presidential campaign posters, available here: