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1864 Abraham Lincoln Presidential Campaign Button Abraham Lincoln’s 1864 Campaign Slogan: “Don’t Swap Horses in the Middle of the Stream” ”

Some of the winning Presidential campaign slogans. “I Like Ike” More than 50 years before Facebook, millions of Americans “liked” World War II hero and Republican nominee Dwight Eisenhower during the 1952 presidential campaign. Ike’s simple, cheerful slogan resonated with the times. Click on pin and preview our children's history DVD.

Unbossed and Unbought | Shirley Chisholm's 1972 presidential campaign slogan

History of presidential campaign posters

Earlier this year, The Library of Congress released a collectible book titled, 'Two Hundred Years of Election Art, Presidential Campaign Posters.'

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11 Presidential Campaign Slogans That Went Beyond Buzzwords

These buttons use the Democratic symbol of the donkey is a clever way, telling voters to keep the ass off the grass – it’s time for Dewey! Some of these buttons can be quite valuable.