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Shaving Cream Blocks

Shaving Cream Blocks: an easy toddler activity building with shaving cream and block. A great preschool activity that's easy to set up.

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I Try New Foods Folder Story - site with social story folders. They also have file folder games, adapted books, printable books, preschool activities and autism tasks. Some items are free. Visit for more #feedingtherapy #pickyeater ideas

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Circle Time Games and Activities: A Must for Any Teacher

Circle time games and activities. A must for any teacher. Includes parachute activities! Some geared for older than preschool

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What's Your Name? Fitness Activity Printable for Kids

What's your name? Fitness activity for kids. Your kids will get a workout without realizing it when you make fitness into a fun game.

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Book Walk

A book walk! I love this activity for so many reasons. 1) It is great for those who learn best through movement and touch. 2) It gets kids outside. 3) It uses 'realia' to teach vocabulary.

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Calm Down Yoga Routine for Kids: Printable

Calm Down Yoga Routine for kids - help children manage big emotions - printable poster

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speech 2

This is a cute song to get children to be quiet and attentive for the beginning of story or circle time. It goes pretty well with the tune of "skip to the lou" just slightly adapted.

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