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seersuckmeoff: :D argyleforlife: If you don’t know Eric Ambrose you probably should. I don’t want to just know of him I want to get to know him

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A lot of guys are hearing that Mary Jane gives people a "Good Time". They feed into these rumors and try to hook up with her. She is constantly getting phone calls to the home phone with boys requesting dates, hook ups. Even guys that have girlfriends.

The Skipjack Collection-Men's Spring 2016

We've harnessed the casual coastal lifestyle in our Beachside Polo. Starting with a trim fit silhouette, we added a three-button placket and one-color Skipjack embroidery.

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Nantucket Island where the grass is greener, the goldens are golder, the hydrangeas are bluer, the ocean is oceanier, and the life is better. (at Nantucket Island)