Mekenzie King 002: This article is about the prenatal testing that women go through. It highlights the problems with these tests and if they are accurate enough to be reliable. It also talks about how women should go through some sort of counseling after giving birth to help with the new changes coming with being a parent.

Deciding whether or not to get a prenatal DNA test to determine paternity can be a stressful one. Get informed in this short blog by!

Pregnancy is an exciting time, but it is also accompanied by many fears. The biggest concern that plagues expectant mothers in the months before giving birth is whether their baby is and will be healthy.To alleviate this fear, prenatal diagnosis can often be helpful. There are a number of test methods today that enable pregnant women to find out before the birth whether their baby has any genetic defects and to take the necessary measures accordingly. Diagnostic tests for pregnant moms can…

non-invasive prenatal testing: non invasive prenatal DNA test from

MaterniT21 test. A non-invasive (simple blood test) way of testing the unborn baby of genetic disorders and also GENDER weeks earlier than you could with an ultrasound!

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