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Pregnancy after miscarriage: Surviving the first trimester

NEW BLOG POST: I didn't cope well with my first trimester of this pregnancy. But somehow I managed to drag myself through it. There were a few tips that helped me to cope. And I though that I would share these for anyone going through a similar situation. Please share, so that women experiencing pregnancy after miscarriage do not feel alone and know there is support out there.

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Pregnancy loss, miscarriage After the loss of my second child. I keep wondering ... Am I a mom? This time around, it's hit me harder.

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5 Secrets for Handling Pregnancy Aches and Pains

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Choose Your Color Printable Pregnancy Announcement, Pregnant After A Loss, Rainbow Baby, Chalkboard Style

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Pregnancy After Miscarriage - 6 Must Know Tests & 7 Healthy Follow Up Measures

Pregnancy After Miscarriage - 6 Tests & 7 Healthy Measures

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I know I'm not supposed to how you how hard this still is for me. I'm supposed to just bottle it up inside and act like nothing ever happened, act like I wasn't devastated. But sometimes it still knocks the wind out of me and suddenly gets so hard to breathe and hold back the tears

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