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prednisone moon face - Google Search


prednisone moon face - Google Search

That moment you start to see your cheekbones again, and the doc increases your prednisone dose.


HC instead of Pred, but yeah


Contouring and highlighting for Moon Face while on Prednisone

And then the second you try to taper off, you start internally bleeding again.... oh the joys of Crohn's... #FindACure


There are A LOT more bad side effects than these! Nobody likes prednisone because it causes moon face, weight gain, acne, and anxiety as just a FEW of the symptoms. I agree that the side effects they listed are bad, but severe anxiety that causes you not to be able to function properly is horrible too.

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Prednisone, too true. I gained so much weight and also managed to get "moon face" with this drug.