Paul Washer, Lordship Salvation and Repentance. "Washer is preaching a message that can very easily make folks doubt their salvation. He says, in effect, “You do this and that or you are not saved.” Tragic!!!"

Last Days Watchman: God HAS Given Us Freewill. It IS Revealed In The Bible.

Predestination in the Bible: A (Possible) Counter Example | Faithlife Blog

Problems with the Calvinistic Ordo Salutis in Romans 8:28-30 - #Calvinism, #Election, #Ordo_Salutis, #Predestination, #Romans_82830, #TULIP, #Unconditional_Election #Books_by_Jeremy_Myers, #Theology_of_Salvation

Does the Bible teach our fate has been predetermined—to either be lost in an ever-burning hell or saved in heaven? Is that the meaning of predestination?What The Bible Teaches Us About Faith: Predestination Or Free Will?

1421-How to Witness When You Believe in Predestination (orizo) Which is Mentioned 14 Times in the Bible

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