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Linen Trousers - "Our linen is pre-washed, pre-shrunk and pre-ironed. It is therefore safe for you to wash it in a washing machine at up to 90 degrees centigrade, but to preserve the fabric for as long as possible we recommend that you keep the temperature down to 40 degrees centigrade as washing it at higher temperatures will slowly desroy the natural "glue" that binds the fibres together."


Santa Cristina de Lena is a Roman Catholic Asturian pre-Romanesque church located in the Lena municipality, about 25 km south of Oviedo, Spain, on an old Roman road that joined the lands of the plateau with Asturias..

St. Gall Plan (redrawn with captions). Original in red ink on parchment. 28 x 44-1/8". Stiftsbibliothek, Saint Gall, Switzerland.


Architect Daniel Libeskind’s angled steel Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, the aluminum and glass structure looks as if it crashed into the side of the Neo-Romanesque museum—which is either brilliant or appalling, depending on whom you ask.


Conèixer Catalunya: SANTA MARIA DE BARBERÀ. LA ROMÀNICA. S. XII Prov Barcelona Catalonia