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“Prayer for peace in my heart” is partially based on Ephesians 2:13-18 which speaks about how Jesus is our only true peace. He makes peace between you and God by ending all conflict and hostility. But beyond just an end to disagreement, true peace is a unified heart. Pray for peace in your heart and God will give it to you.

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Prayer For The New Year

In lieu of the New Year, I write this prayer in reflection of our many needs: personally, in family, in our society and the world. [...]

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Prayer for Peace in my Heart

Heavenly Father, release Your peace into my life. Let it infiltrate into my heart, into my soul and into my mind. Father, the noise that surrounds me is un

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30-11-2015 monday - Today’s Angel Card – I find joy in everything - Diana Cooper

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good vibes positive quotations and sayings

I always was such a hot head. Growing up in a family with strong Italian tempers it was hard not to be that way. After changing my diet and really changing my outlook on a lot of things, I've become a much more even keeled, peaceful person. My sister will

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Download a powerful meditation for deep healing for free at A wonderful way to transform pain into peace, joy and happiness.

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