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Magnum Photos Gilles Peress August 1982. It is time for prayer and meditation for an Israeli army position during the ceasefire in West Beirut. During the Lebanon War of 1982, Yasser Arafat and PLO forces were

prayer flag: prayers for peace and comfort at this tragic time for Beirut and Paris. 11/16/2015

I woke this morning deeply disturbed by the news from #Paris, but more amazed by the attention it received on social media. I understand Paris is a beloved and familiar space for a lot of people, but it troubled me that #Beirut, a city my father grew up in, had received so little attention after the horrific bombings two days earlier. It also troubled me that #Baghdad, a place I have absolutely no connection with, received even less attention after the senseless bombing that took place…

Beirut felt neglected after media coverage of bombing was eclipsed by stories on Paris - Nov 2015

Now let's look around the rest of the Holy Land ... Beirut was a large city even at the turn of the century.

Huguette Caland B1931 Beirut -- the Paris of the Middle East at this time. 34”x49.5” mixed media on linen, 2010

Paris we love you and stand with you!! let's also remember the rest of the world. "We should not just pray for Paris. We should pray for the world. A world in which Beirut reeling from bombings two days before Paris is not covered in the press. A world in which a bomb goes off in Baghdad and not one person's status update says pray for Baghdad because we think it is okay and normal in that part of the world. Pray for the world that blames a refugees crisis for a terrorist attack. A world…

It's been a jarring ten days. But staying home and shutting down is the opposite of a cure. Empathy is born of exposure—a reaching out, not a turning in. It starts in those moments of discovery we only get by going somewhere that can surprise us.

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