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Saint Archangel Michael Holy Card

Pocket full of Miracles holy cards, illustrated & designed by Matylda Biedron, are lovingly & carefully hand–made. The cards are printed with 100% genuine Epson inks on premium archival acid–free paper that is guaranteed not to fade for at least 100 years. After everything is perfectly cut, scored, and taped, every card is beautifully outlined with 18kt gold leaf for a little special elegant touch. Archangel Michael Holy Card Description: Prayer on the back of the card reads: Archangel Mi...

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10 ways to get in your Vortex plus free printable

This is a free printable from of 10 Mantras for I AM. I am, I am strong, I am willing, I am love, I am accepting, I am a miracle, I am enough, I am abundant, I am happy, I am confident, I am all I need.

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Louise Hay affirmation. I'm thinking I can print a few of these up and use them as inspirational bookmarks.
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NOTHING is impossible with God! Pray BIG. What have you prayed for lately that requires a miracle from God?

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One of these would make a very nice addition to a home shrine, for holding prayer requests and mementos.

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Praise the Lord! prayers, blessings, Bible verse and inspirational quotes at Prayables.

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Love this.. Must remember to choose faith over worry. God has a plan for me greater than I believe I could ever achieve.

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2 miscarriages then pregnant withs twins and to lose one broke me again but my other twin survived she is my ultimate rainbow baby

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Release prayer....Sometimes we have to remember to let go, to release. We have to make room for the good that is on its way. Meditations and spiritual guidance / intention. B

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Prayer For A Worrying Mind

We know that worrying gets us nowhere, yet we still allow it to consume us. Faith casts out fear while fear casts out faith.

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Prayer Tags: write a prayer…take a prayer! Great project for the notice board of a school, church, activity club, home etc.

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Even you have Angels that look out for you, Beautiful. You are worthy of this love and protection, just as much as your presence is a blessing to others. ❤

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10 Bold Prayers for Anxiety & Fear

10 Bold Prayers for Anxiety & Fear | A Prayer for Peace |

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I need help - I have tried hard believing in Him and receivingHim as well as the Holy Spirit at least, by reading countless testimonies of those who received miracles as well as the NT Bibleand yet the ones I know who sin more and do not believe in Him tend to have a better life than me. Ive lost my bus pass that my father paid250 which allows free travel for free for one year, and Ive asked the Lord for help howeverHe has not helped me and Im starting to lose faith, as a friend of mine who…

Isaiah 43:16 I am the LORD who opened a way through the waters making a dry path through the sea. The Lord is the One who can work a miracle in your situation. Obstacles that humans face are not a challenge to Him. He will make a way for you and He will create a path in your situation. Rest in Him and let Him lead you step by step and day by day. Prayer: Lord I give you the situation that I am facing. Part the sea for me I pray and lead me through and on to the victory You have prepared for…

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I believe in God because I've experienced HIS miracle and mercy. HE gave me / us a second chance to make things better

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Miracle Morning and Bullet Journal - Mindful Planning

I’ve had a morning routine for years and thought it was pretty great until I read The Miracle Morning by Hal Erod. After reading his book I realized that my routine was lacking a few key pieces, mo…

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---We're not pregnant again yet but whether we're blessed next with a beautiful baby girl or another beautiful baby boy, this applies... We just can't wait to be blessed with our next tiny little miracle and we'll be elated with whichever gender The Universe gives us! One Beautiful Angel Spirit Baby and three Beautiful Earth-Side Babies is perfect for us ❤

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