Prayer Chain for your students. A great way to encourage participation   and pray for each others needs.

Free Bible Crafts and Bible lessons for sunday school! This is a prayer chain bible craft for children to make during their sunday school lesson.

This simple construction paper prayer chain will give kids an idea of how the prayers from “two or more” join to create a mighty force. It will also give you an opportunity to bring up a great prayer scripture from Revelation 8 that will help kids understand just how real prayer power is!

This paper prayer chain shows how prayers from “two or more” join to create a mighty force and teaches Revelation 8 and just how real prayer power is!

Mixed Emotions Paper Chain

Tips and Tricks for Parents Teaching Kids about Emotions

Mixed Emotions Paper Chain Kids can write about their mood on different colored strips of paper to create a paper chain. A strong visual reminder that we all experience a colorful variety of emotions.

Lent for Kids -names on the links of a chain, one to pray for daily during lent

Reasons to Praise God: Lent for Kids chain of 40 people to pray for.

Flame: Creative Children's Ministry: Colour Coded Paper Chain Prayers

2 Thessalonians Christ's Return Is Anticipated (Paul asked the Thessalonians to Pray)-Paper Chain Prayers