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12 Simple April Fools' Day Pranks

Happy April Fools' Day! Still looking for a prank to pull? Try this cheesy "orange juice" gag. Powerful marketing system. Instant pay and additional residual pay.Easy lead capture pretty much done for you!

G-Coolie: These are all great pranks to pull (and innocent enough) all of these are hilarious!


20 Upgrades That Will Take Your Bathroom To The Next Level

#Really good prank to pull on a germaphobe!! OMG this is great idea for 4/1/14


Hi I'm France I'm 16 and the little brat Twist is my younger sister. I guess you could say I'm a witch and pixie because I study magic and alchemy. Me and twist are very different like when I like to read she likes to pull pranks or when I like to act she prefers to draw. Introduce?