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Praha | Prague (Praha)

Prague looks pretty special most of the time but during the night might just be our favourite.

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Enjoyable Things To Do In Prague City

Prague Christmas Markets. There are more places in Prague with stands offering variety of goods but the most remarkable spot to drink mulled wine and listen to christmas carols is Old Town Square.

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Whether you are visiting the City Of a Hundred Spires, or you are a Prague local, there are a few MUST SEE attractions. At times when we live someplace for so long, we tend to lose sight of how special our own backyard is and why people come from hundreds and thousands of miles away to come here. Don't worry if they're stereotypes or 'meant for tourists,' there are awesome things waiting for you. Right now. Here are 20 Prague things to cross off your bucket list in 2015!

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Prague City Guide – Culture, Castles and Czech Charm

Prague is a City of romance, architecture and beer - and a popular British city break destination. Visiting? Check out my comprehensive Prague City Guide.

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The Best Underground Bars in London

...mori girl + witch = mori witch....dark mori girl fashion and lifestyle ... witch of nature, witch of wood , witch of the forest ... numa girl.... fille du marais ou sorcière de la forêt ... / This tumblr was created on 25 June, 2012 /

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Things To Do In Prague as a First Time Visitor

Ten Things To Do In Prague as a First Time Visitor: Prague might just be the most spectacular city in the world. It posses a wildly eclectic mix of history, culture, ambiance, beauty, nightlife, and affordability that sets it apart from any other city we have ever spent a substantial amount of time in. Here is a list of top things to do in Prague for a first time visitor.

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Zrcadlové bludiště

Petrin Mirror maze, Prague - from 1891. There are mirrors that make you look tall, short, fat or skinny - big fun not only for kids! You' ll find it just next to the petrin Observatory tower, Petrin park, the furnicular and Prague castle area.

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