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This style of knee wrap is most popular for equipped squatters, wide stance squatters and for lifters that like support and rebound. These wraps go on very tight and are not for those that cringe when the wraps get just a bit too tight. Ideal for world record attempts and big singles.

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Russian Powerlifter Julia Vins Is Beautiful And Strong

Julia Vins is a Russian powerlifter & may be the strongest woman in the world. She has 3 powerlifting records & is only 20 years old.

"I started Fit because one of my coworkers told me about it and she was having great results.. I'm on my very own special challenge!! As I have set a huge goal for myself to break 3 United States Powerlifting Records. My first weight level starts at 165. When i set this goal for myself I was 233 pounds!! I'm down 31 pounds in one month!!! Today's weight 202 pounds and my deadlift is now 495 pounds and on the raise every week.. Thanks Nikki, Lisa & FITTEAM!" -Paul Beaulieu


Female powerlifter breaks world record with 210kg squat.

GYMer BodyBuilding Log Android App - , Bodybuilding and strength are intimately linked. If you are trying to build more muscle and strength you should be tracking your weight and reps for every set to maximize your gains.GYMer is an application for recording and tracking your weight lifting workout that will allow you to take your bodybuilding or powerlifting to the next level. Whether you are banging through a crossfit WOD, going for a new one rep max on the bench press or…