A Russian soldier playing an abandoned piano in Chechnya in 1994 30 Of The Most Powerful Images Ever | Bored Panda

30 Of The Most Powerful Images Ever

The photographer of this picture is unknown and the name of this photograph is “Russian soldier playing an abandoned piano”. This picture was taken in 1994 in Chechnya.

“We will drain our dearest veins, / But they shall be free.” This line reminds me of another poem. Dulce Et Decorum Est, which roughly translates to “it is sweet and fitting to die for one’s country.” Burns's poem shows the opposite, that the deaths dealt during war outweigh victory. The author seems quite genuine which would please many of his readers, as long as they were themselves Scottish. Patriotism is always welcomed.  (Prompt 14:2)

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Russian soldiers preparing for the Battle of Kursk, July 1943 Image credits: Shirak Karapetyan-Milshtein - photograph was created in for a photo competition. It is based on archive photos from the war in Russia in

Dorothea Lange (1895-1965), a great American photographer, is perhaps best known for her photographs of Dust Bowl migrants during the Great Depression.

Cameron and Lange

"Migrant Mother" The Great Depression and Dust Bowl era of American history captured some powerful images. This photo was taken of Florence Owens Thompson, a migrant worker mother, in California It has become an iconic image of that age.

24 of the Most Powerful Images You Will Ever See in Contemporary History - MOGUL

24 of the Most Powerful Images You Will Ever See in Contemporary History

"Wait for me daddy":British Columbia Regiment, DCO, marching in New Westminster, 1940

Despite how open, peaceful and loving you attempt to be people can only meet you as deeply as they've met themselves

That is so true. I know I've ben guilty of not receiving that. Tough though when I don't know how to love myself either. Haven't been taught that. Realizing that now


Barracuda Brigade on

The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch and do nothing. ~Time to open our eyes people

society has reached new lows in the garbage they believe and consume from this brainwashing device (and the Internet)

Fighting Our Addiction to Empty Stimulation

Don't think, just watch. Many people watch too much TV now a days. Many television stations especially news channels are one sided and make you see just from their prospective. If you don't see both sides though, your opinions will become one sided.

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We are the biggest critics of ourselves and sometimes we should never focus on others judgement of us. Take your power back by practicing self-care and be kind to yourself.

Control of a natural resource for a group of people is barbaric, not knowing that you are actually hurting your pockets because the person who you are taking from can just make the next invention that you can purchase and use. We are currently in a drought in California and yet Nestle and other companies who is fracking our water has little to no tax on how much water they can use

You Don’t Think We Got This Rich Giving Stuff Away Do You?

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