Pound Puppies and Pur-r-ries in all their forms

Think I might still have some in my parents attic in a box with my Popple!

Cute Animals

Cute Animals

Pound Puppies!!!! I had to save them all but I didn't like pound kitties. They could die.

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Pound Puppies.  I'll never forgot these because on year I asked for a dog for Christmas and I was given one of these.  His name was Spot :)

I had a solid brown Pound Puppy named Coca as well as 4 Mini Pound Puppies.

Vintage Pound Puppies from the late 80s Classic Toys from the 80's for kids

1987 Karate Kid Action Figures, Pound Puppies, G. Joe Figures, Talking Alf and more toys from the

Pound Puppies. I have the black and white one on the right AND the dark brown one on the left.

Pound Puppies - I had the grey puppy and lost it when I took him for show and tell in Kindergarten.

Pound puppies!!

Pound Puppies: my first TV show love! My collection of pound puppies went up to at least a dozen, maybe more.

The original 1984 pound puppy. Think I'm still upset over leaving my favorite pound puppy behind in a hotel. Parents tried to replace it but that just did not work!

The original 1984 pound puppy. It took me forever to find the black one but when i did he was immediately my fav. i knew he would be, i wanted him so bad!

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