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Pothos plant, or Epipremnum aureum, is an easygoing indoor plant valued for its shiny green foliage and cascading growth. The pothos plant can grow up to 18 inches tall, and the vines can reach 10 feet long. The plant produces dark green foliage that adds to any home decor.


#plants #decoration Philodendron - I love how easy these plants are to maintain and how quickly they grow. One of the best house plants a person can get.


Three Posts Faux Pothos Vine in Clay Pot

from Martha Stewart

Container Garden Ideas for Any Household

Made of tropical foliage plants typically grown indoors, this spherical beauty includes moon valley pilea, begonias, pothos vine, staghorn fern, a variety of other ferns, and philodendron. The effect is complex but easy to re-create. Simply choose a variety of textures and colors, and densely plant them in a steel-ball form. Offset the expense by taking the ball apart before frost, potting up the plants, and enjoying them indoors through winter.