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Potato Soufflé with Roasted Garlic, Gruyere & Herbs


Potato Soufflé

Potato Souffle - delicious easy recipe for one of the best side dishes ever - potato.. cheese, chives and eggs- wonderful combination


Cheddar-Chive Potato Soufflé

Cheddar-Chive Potato Soufflé | We think soufflés have gotten a bad rap. Too many people have never tried to make one for fear that they’re too difficult, too fussy, or they’ll fall before you even get them to the table. But this potato soufflé is a sure thing. The mashed potatoes and egg yolks keep things nice and sturdy while whipped egg whites provide the lift. The result is a sort of new-old approach to mashed potatoes: rich and light all at same time. Serve this as part of a holiday…


Sweet Potato Souffle (Vegan, Gluten Free

Fluffy sweet potato souffle, flavored with maple syrup, ginger and cardamom. Perfect side dish to grace your holiday table. Vegan,Gluten-Free,Refined Sugar Free


Three-Cheese Potato Souffle

Cheesy Potato Souffle. Made this for Easter with all cheddar cheese in individual 1 cup ramekins, baked at 375 for 20-25 min.