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Intelliskin: Can a Bra Really Help Give You Better Posture?


Glamorise is the oldest name in sports and posture bras. They make many different models that offer full-figured women the support and control they need without heavy underwires. The MagicLift offers women a more shapely profile than most competing brands. Since many women wear posture bras to work every day, they’ll appreciate the way the MagicLift looks under their regular clothes more than a sports bra.


Essential Bra 2.0 Posture Compression | IntelliSkin

Shop IntelliSkin Full Line Compression Wear Posture Essential Compression Bra 2.0 NO ZIPPER Support Your Front with the Natural Strength of Your Back Intelliskin Compression Sports Bra 2.0 provides po


Improve your posture instantly with these shirts. We tested out these products ourselves and now recommend them to our clients.

posture bra to help back pain. Wear improperly fitting bras and or sport bras for everyday wear (like me) causes neck, back and shoulder pain - my biggest problem!

YOGA SEQUENCE FOR TIGHT SHOULDERS & UPPER BACK A lot of you asked for a sequence for the back and shoulders so here is one with props - BLOCK ASSIST Lie on floor, legs bent or straight is up to you. Place a block on its skinny side horizontally under the shoulder blades. Think sports bra location. You can change the block height in accordance to your body but overtime it will get easier to go higher 1. HANDS BEHIND HEAD Interlace the fingers behind, keep the elbows wide, breathe through…


Swedish Posture takes postural training to a whole new level by providing stylish and functional posture correcting braces designed to give you that air of confidence, grace and balance you desire.


Leonisa makes a traditional firm control posture bra, but their Lace Wireless bra has a completely different look and feel. Unlike most sports and activity bras, it’s very feminine looking, with a delicate lace overlay pattern on the cups and straps. It’s a full coverage control bra, but it gives your bustline more definition and cleavage than other brands. Don’t let its delicate patterning fool you.


Stop Slumping At Your Desk—With This Genius "Trick"

Intelliskin Sports Bra Review Better Posture Tools | The Intelliskin Sports Bra claims to improve your posture and it actually works. #refinery29