There was no doubt in my mind that having a baby wasn’t going to be easy. The funny part is Ellie is an easy baby. She is so good, so happy, so sweet and perfect. I truly feel so lucky. The hardest part, honestly, was me. Now don’t get me … Read more →

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Untreated depression can result in severe and long lasting negative effects on you, your child, and family. Learn more about Postpartum Depression and schedule an appointment with your doctor for additional information.

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What is Postpartum Depression (PPD), Postnatal Depression?

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‘Thinking of Ways to Harm Her’ - Redefining postpartum depression. Every parent and grandparent should read this. -R

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The Fine Line Between Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression - The Un-Coordinated Mommy - Atlanta Mom Blogger

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This is definitely a much safer and natural way to treat ‪depression‬. For more proven and no nonsense tips on natural and home remedies for depression, be sure to click on this link...

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