This one is just bloody terrifying full stop. Monsters hiding in closets or under the bed are a thing of nightmares for most kids. A skeletal type monster with crazy hair would definitely terrify me as child.

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So this one talks about Pamela Anderson but the images they show at the beginning and end of the video about her new look show her with Obliphica Professional! Woo!

Great site discrediting the myth of standing postmortem Victorian photographs. The truth of the stands behind the participants is that they were simply used to hold the LIVE subject in place while the photo was being taken. They could not hold the weight of a deceased person upright.

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Zaha Hadid... guess as an architect we have the right to design anything and everything in the house!

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North Wales Hospital (Denbigh Asylum), complete with mortuary and autopsy table, which opened in 1848 and has been abandoned since 1995.

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Dead: The body of Jesse James lays in his coffin days after his shooting by Ford in 1882

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