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JOJO POST FASHION: wearable technology. Modern, Insane Cyberpunk Hair, futuristic fashion, cyber fashion, futuristic look, Shoes, Night, Day, Girl, Teen, woman, Man Fashion. Hat, Cuff, Bracelet, Nail, futuristic boy, cyberpunk, cyber punk, cyber hair, future fashion. Steam, carapace, future, sexy, make up, futuristic, futurism, sci-fi, scifi, futuristic girl, futuristic style, futuristic fashion.

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Wild Photo Series Depicts Apocalyptic Girl Squads In Their Element

Corpse paint AND a horned skull on the helmet :D I highly recommend scoping out the rest of the photos on this page!!

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Post apocalyptic dollies - Merk Girl. Helmet design is from Sucker Punch, one of my favorite movies

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