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Tweet Tweet Negative thinking is not only bad for your health but could affect your life in a drastic fashion. Blaming, predicting, and labeling are just some of the practices you need to stop to get on the right track as far as positive thinking is concerned. This infographic by Health Central shows how you …


Create your Perfect Personal Affirmation--I would change some of the language but otherwise a good starting place for positive rather than negative thinking


Positive Self-Talk is incredibly powerful as your thoughts create your world. Understanding how you can change the negative into a positive will help you succeed not only in business but life. #Infographic

from MyThirtySpot

12 Things Happy People Do Differently

I took a class on positive psychology and many of these are backed up by research i've read. Also studies show keeping a journal is helpful particularly when we write the negatives down, something in the process of writing helps many people let go of what has bothered them.