Change your words to change your students' actions! Print this reference for 30 things to say in class to help students (& colleagues!) build their growth mindset.

Reminders about how teachers can phrase their words to build a positive classroom community--inspired by Responsive Classroom. Give students ownership & make them self-aware. Avoid value/character judegements (I like how you.

While You Were Out Substitute Form Cute Owls

This is a great form to print and keep in your Substitute Binder or Tub! Subs can leave feedback so when you return to your classroom you know exactly what happened while you were gone.This product is also great for Substitute Teachers! Keep a stack of these in your Substitute bag and really impress the Teachers/Administration at the school you are working for!Please leave positive feedback if you enjoyed the product, it really means a lot to me! :)

25 Reasons to Send Home a Positive Student Email

EDITABLE Post It Notes for Student Encouragement and Feedback

Using post-it notes in the classroom! --> Leave positive feedback on student work with these editable post-it notes made by the Simplified Classroom on Teachers Pay Teachers

Why Students Need Teachers to Give Positive Feedback

Chapter "Miss Caroline picked up her ruler, gave me half a dozen quick little pats, then told me to stand in the corner. This is Scout vs Miss Caroline.

Wondering how your online learners can benefit from positive feedback? Check this article to find out how positive feedback drives learner engagement.

Online learning is not easy, says Maureen Cottrell, a science teacher at iHigh Virtual Academy, a fully-accredited virtual public high school in San Diego,

Calendar Monthly Headings and Numbers {Holiday/Seasonal}

**This product will be FREE for 48 hours so PLEASE leave some positive feedback if you like them! :-)** This product has all 12 month.

Hack 3:1 Feedback

Hack the magic positive feedback to encourage students and tap into their potential.

Sentence frames for students to use durng peer conferencing. Positive feedback, Needs to improve, and Question sentence frames for Writer's Workshop!

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