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Posh Synonym

Want and need are synonyms right? WANT = NEED mikimakes Other

Definition of reasonable rea·son·a·ble ˈrēz(ə)nəb(ə)l/ adjective adjective: reasonable 1. (of a person) having sound judgment; fair and sensible. "no reasonable person could have objected" synonyms: sensible, rational, logical, fair, fair-minded, just, equitable; More intelligent, wise, levelheaded, practical, realistic; sound, reasoned, well reasoned, valid, commonsensical; tenable, plausible, credible, believable "a reasonable man" based on good sense. Other

classy Definition: stylish, having panache Synonyms: chic, dashing, elegant, exclusive, fashionable, high-class, in, in vogue, mod, modish, posh, select, sharp //