Portuguese man o' war

Beautifully Colorful Photos Of The Lethally Venomous Portuguese Man O' War - Photographer Aaron Ansarov gets in real close to capture the gorgeous, colorful bodies of these deadly marine animals. Ansarov collects the lethally venomous creatures from his local shores in Florida, places them on his light table to photograph, and quickly returns them to the waters they were found in. :)

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The Blue Angel sea slug, eats poisonous Portuguese Man o'war tentacles concentrates the venom for it's own use and becomes more deadly than it's victim.

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The Portuguese Man o’ War is not one animal, but is actually comprised of colonies of invertebrate, jelly-like marine animals of the family: Physaliidae glomming together. These pelagic hydroids (or hydrozoans) colonize and are infamous for their very painful, powerful sting. - Whoa...I'm glad I got out of the water when the lifeguard told us in Miami.

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Portuguese Man of War tentacles. Its tentacles are actually one of the four separate polyps that make up the animal (each considered a separate organism).

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