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10 Ingenious Ideas for Small Space Interiors


Supercool Fridge

Having a fridge in your room is supercool. And that's exactly what this accessory is about. The "Supercool Fridge" by #PBteen is absolute!


A small white mini-kitchen with a portable induction hob and a small fridge. Combined with a trolley and wall shelves for extra storage.


Drinks in a man's cave are a must. You can have a mini fridge stocked with cold brews or a wine rack, together with some glasses, so you do not need to ...


A mini-Kitchen-nette kept neatly in a small cabinet with all the necessities: fridge, micro, hotplate, sink, dishes, etc. Use of the doors as extra storage and the bottom as both mini fridge and other as potential for oven, this is excellent for a Mother-in-law garage conversion or small studio idea!


How To Build A Portable Kitchen For Your Backyard Outdoor kitchens have so many benefits and advantages but cost, usually, isn’t one of them. You don’t need an expensive and full size outdoor kitchen. It just has to be functional and practical. This outdoor kitchen meets both criteria.


iceQ 15 Litre Deluxe Portable Mini Fridge - Black