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The US$250 WaveBox portable microwave oven weighs just 6.3 kg (14 pounds), runs on mains voltage regardless of country, and can also run from a 12 volt battery using alligator leads or from your in-vehicle power outlet.


First Portable Microwave

First Portable Microwave - Beyond the novelty of being a portable microwave, this might actually be good for the office; you can use it for tea or snacks without having to go...

CAR MICROWAVE! - The Only Portable Microwave Oven. DescriptionLifetime Guarantee The only one of its kind, this portable microwave oven allows you to bring the convenience and power of dielectric heating wherever you go. The microwave plugs into a wall outlet, a car or boat's DC outlet, or connects to a car battery (jumper cables provided), allowing you to make popcorn or reheat food at campsites, tailgate parties, or during boating excursions.

A portable microwave/grill - giving more options for eating on the go. #microwave #grill #YankoDesign


Child Lunch Box 5+1 Food Container Storage Box Portable Microwave Bento Box Lunch Box for Kids

900ml 3 Layers Portable Microwave Lunch Box With Spoon Candy Color Bento Box Food Containers Lunchbox Eco-Friendly

You could power your Wavebox Portable Microwave Oven using your car 12v DC power. Features Portable microwave oven, complete with handle


Hot Logic Mini portable microwave - Get it on Amazon: -