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Population Of Colombia

The Kermode bear, also known as a "spirit bear," is a subspecies of the North American Black Bear living in the central and north coast of British Columbia, Canada. It is noted for about 1/10 of their population having white or cream-coloured coats. by Nathan Lovas

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The Purple-throated Woodstar, Calliphlox Mitchellii, is a species of hummingbird, and it is one of the four Calliphlox genera, the woodstars. The species is found in Colombia and Ecuador, and a minor localized population in Panama, 600 km from its main species distribution.

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Tigers Treefrog Hyloscirtus Tigrinus Print by Thomas Marent

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This is one of the world's only pure blue lizards, and unfortunately it's on the verge of extinction. The Blue Anole (Anolis gorgonae) looks like a little slice of sky as it slinks through the dense forests of Gorgona. The lizard is so reclusive and rare that scientists have a hard time even estimating what the total population of the species may be. -- Find articles on #Adventure #Travel , #Outdoor Pursuits, and #Extreme Sports at

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Yarumal, Colombia, was once famed for its violence. Today, it’s famous for a different reason: the largest population of Alzheimer’s sufferers in the world

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