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Revealed: Signed by 81 noblemen, the threatening letter sent to a Pope 'asking' him to annul Henry VIII's first marriage

'Letter of plea': A visitor looks at a lengthy piece of correspondence written to Pope Paul III by Renaissance astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus circa 1535

Although officially founded in 1539, the papal bull granting its establishment was received from Pope Paul III on this day in 1538. The New...


The Vatican Archive: the Pope's private library

The Vatican Archive - contains accounts of the trial of the Knights Templar held at Chinon in August 1308; a threatening note from 1246 in which Ghengis Khan’s grandson demands that Pope Innocent IV travel to Asia to ‘pay service and homage'; a letter from Lucretia Borgia to Pope Alexander VI; Papal Bulls excommunicating Martin Luther; correspondence between the Court of Henry VIII and Clement VII; and an exchange of letters between Michelangelo and Paul III.


Popes...Ehh, I dont know...Hardly the best force in the world so far. Anyway: Portrait of Alessandro Farnese (1468-1549), Pope Paul III (1534-1549), seated three-quarter-length, in a papal robes. Painted by Scipione Pulzone, born 1550 in Gaeta, Italy, dead 1 februari 1598 in Rome Italy.(fo fo)

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Who exactly are the Jesuits?

A painting of St Ignatius Loyola (kneeling), founder of the Society of Jesus, with Pope Paul III in 1534. Photograph: Roger Viollet Collection/Getty Images

Sangallo's design for the Basilica of St Peter in the Vatican; plan of the facade, with Pope Paul III's coat of arms to left and the Papal keys and umbrella to right. 1547 Engraving


Giulia Farnese (1474 – 23 March 1524) was mistress to Pope Alexander VI. She was known as Giulia la bella, meaning "Julia the beautiful", in Italian. Lorenzo Pucci described her as "most lovely to behold". Cesare Borgia, son of Alexander VI, described her as having "dark colouring, black eyes, round face and a particular ardor"