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Pope Leo X (1475-1521) (Pope from 1513-1521) was the first of the four Medici popes. Son of Lorenzo the Magnificent, he was a great patron of the arts including artists like Raphael and MIchelangelo. His selling of indulgences led Martin Luther to post his 95 Thesis, sparking the Protestant Reformation. This famous portrait with Caridnal Giulio de' Medici (later Pope Clement VII) in the background was painted by Raphael.

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Vatican 'Secret' Archives were resolutely a no go zone until 1881, when Pope Leo XIII opened them to researchers. The word "secret" simply refers to Private.

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3rd January 1521: On this day in history Pope Leo X issued a bull excommunicating Martin Luther, a German priest and reformist, from the Catholic Church.

Leo X Papacy began 9 March 1513 (elected) 11 March 1513 (proclaimed) Papacy ended 1 December 1521 Predecessor Julius II Successor Adrian VI Orders Consecration 17 March 1513 by Raffaele Sansone Riario Created Cardinal 26 March 1492 Personal details Birth name Giovanni di Lorenzo de' Medici[1] Born 11 December 1475 Florence, Republic of Florence Died 1 December 1521 (aged 45) Rome, Papal States

The Miraculous draught of fishes (year 2002) This gold medal of the Vatican was minted in 2002 and is the eleventh in the series. Continues the fourth trilogy about the life of Jesus. In 1515 Pope Leo X commissioned Raphael's cartoons for a series of tapestries devoted to the stories of St. Peter and St. Paul who had to decorate the side walls of the Sistine Chapel.

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Cardinal Giovanni de Medici, Pope Leo X (1475-1521), Perugino (Citta della Pieve c. 1450--Fontignano 1523) and Attila the Hun (d.453)