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On this day 15th July 1207 – King John of England King John expels Canterbury monks for supporting Archbishop Stephen Langton. We have many Lordship titles that date back to this time. If you want something very special though we have rights to the Barony Titles used by the Barons when King John was forced to sign Magnate Carta at Runemede. -

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Gilbert de Clare, 5th earl of Gloucester, and his father were among the 25 barons who pledged to enforce the provisions of the Magna Carta,& both were excommunicated by Pope Innocent III. During the 1st baron's war Gilbert first sided with Prince Louis of France, but after the Battle of Lincoln, he changed sides and joined his father-in-law William Marshall, supporting the young Henry III as king. Buried @ Tewkesbury Abbey.

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Innocent III Papacy began 8 January 1198 Papacy ended 16 July 1216 Predecessor Celestine III Successor Honorius III

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The Fifth Crusade in Context : The Fifth Crusade represented a cardinal event in early thirteenth-century history, occurring during what was probably the most intensive period of crusading in both Europe and the Holy Land. Following the controversial outcome of the Fourth Crusade in 1204, and the decrees of the Fourth Lateran Council in 1215, Pope Innocent III's reform agenda was set to give momentum to a new crusading effort. Despite the untimely death of Innocent III in 1216, the...

As the world waits for a new Pope, we explore the Vatican's Secret Archives (with no help whatsoever from Dan Brown)

Detail of the 1198 papal bull issued by Pope Innocent III calling for a new crusade to the Holy Land; the ill-fated Fourth Crusade lasted from 1202 to 1204

The Vatican Archive: the Pope's private library

The Vatican Archive - contains accounts of the trial of the Knights Templar held at Chinon in August 1308; a threatening note from 1246 in which Ghengis Khan’s grandson demands that Pope Innocent IV travel to Asia to ‘pay service and homage'; a letter from Lucretia Borgia to Pope Alexander VI; Papal Bulls excommunicating Martin Luther; correspondence between the Court of Henry VIII and Clement VII; and an exchange of letters between Michelangelo and Paul III.

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The Albigensian Crusade. #Crusades #Medieval #France

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