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The top 3 questions teachers ask me about classroom tech

There are a handful of questions I can count on being asked at least once at every school in which I do instructional technology coaching. I'm sure many of you have the same issues, so I thought I'd share the answers here on the blog for you all, too! How to show YouTube videos at…


Castle Pop Up Card. Click on link for free video tutorial and template.

AdEngage is an online advertising network that allows advertisers to buy pop-up ads, and website owners to sell pop-up ad space on their sites.

AdBlcok Extension sold out to mystery buyer. New allowed ads policy to affect 40 million users. Google displays ads with extension turned on. New age of net?

If you are noticing unwanted pop ups on your browser, then these pop ups can be malicious and may cause problem. To get rid of such pop ups download free pop blocker such as Ablock Plus and make your system secured.

Pop-up ads are the most intrusive kind of adverts. Downloading heavy web-pages takes enough data: you don't need the additional cost of paying to load up an ad man's marketing message. Sometimes it is a bit disturbing while browsing with a small screen of your phone. SUBSCRIBE Now: Fortunately for Android users there is no reason to suffer from pop-ups on your mobile. And here we suggest three straightforward ways to stop pop-ups…

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Why Is It Important To Download Popup Blocker? Things that Need to Know!

if you want to stop unwanted pop-ups to get entered in your system, then you need to Download popup blocker software on your device. Once it gets enabled, it will become easier to find the virus or malware and it can be blocked instantly.