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Home of the recycle4real challenge! Free recycled craft projects and ideas for recycling everyday rubbish into wonderful pieces of art! By Julie Williams


Students can create these space shuttles using soda bottle and they would make a great 3D addition to a space themed bulletin board display.


I don’t know about where you live but if you’re anywhere near the midwest it’s FREEZING COLD right now! That means a LOT of indoor time right now and the need for plenty of activities to keep your busy children moving around engaged in activities! This one is so simple to do, and you need …


For Mother's Day I would ask my students to bring a glass bottle or I would re-use snapple/ glass pop bottles for my students to make a Bee -a-u-tiful Mother's Day.


Endeavour Space Shuttle Pop Bottle Craft -- wish I had found this last month when I needed to make a rocket for Cub Scouts!