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This is called summer days by peter blake it was made in 2007 following on from the pop art theme. peter blake make collages of popular things at the time to do with a certain subject. i think that the name goes well because of the bright background colours and image makes you think of summer although i dont think that the different pictures of people are much to do with summer.



Bowie Pop Union - David Bowie Pop Art Portrait, 2016 - XL Gallery Edition - Big Fat Arts | BFA Gallery | Czar Catstick - 1


Pop Art...Twiggy by Andy Warhol. I chose this piece since twiggy was a big figure of the 60s and had a large influence on fashion so images of idols such as twiggy will have helped warholls prominence in the decade. Use of shading here is effective because it gives more dimension whilst still remaining in the style of pop art.