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Aroma, Housing Estate, Tondo - Where the garbage worth a fortune. All these photos of poor children. Why do governments allow this anywhere on Earth?

Have you ever set down and taken a moment to think what it would be like to not have food aHome water or a family this saddens me very much so I think it's time we all do something to help so out of love and faith pass it on

Marasmic Kwashiorkor: Clinical Manifestations, Prognosis, Treatment, Prevention And Rehabilitation

Starved Girl who was among many kwashiorkor cases found in Nigerian relief camps during the Nigerian–Biafran war.

Help starving children in Africa

These children are starving, they live in a place with extreme poverty. Most of the time these young children in poverty struck areas are forced t work at young ages while still not being able to get food.

The Eyes of Children around the World The face of poverty. - Please if U are Rich, u can give their 1/8 from your asset. Remember Jesus will bless u

Thousands of Rwandans sought refuge from the fighting in Rwanda. Many refugees died from a massive cholera epidemic.

Represents the war torn country that Kek and his family was fleeing. Boys were  especially vulnerable ( Ganwar's hand) to the war efforts and this photo embodies it.

Pictures of the year: war and violent conflict

Poverty and Islam | NEVER MIND

Lord help me remember the poor and pray for them.Lord please help your poor and needy.

The world needs positive transformation and all of us can contribute by helping others.

Abbottabad-Pakistan: Poor children collect reusable items from the garbage. PHOTO by Sultan Dogar