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Pompeii: The Roman city frozen in time

Exploring the ruins of Pompeii, the Roman city frozen in time after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius #Pompeii #Italy

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People like us: An incredible insight into the Romans who died in Pompeii's horror

Mount Vesuvius erupting at the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. History, archaeology

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Ruins of Pompeii, Italy.

Ruins of Pompeii, Italy~~Walking these streets is an amazing step back in time; you can see the volcano over the water...eeeeery.

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The ghost city of Herculaneum

The ghost city of Herculaneum – the Roman world in ruins beneath the surface of modern Italy

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Pompeii "Garden of the Fugitives". Plaster casts of victims still in situ; many casts are in the Archaeological Museum of Naples. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Pompeii, I will go there some day! This is one of the dream places that I want to visit. This is one of reasons why I want to get my history degree.

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