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Biomedical Applications of Polymeric Materials and Compos...

This product is designed for use on laminates, polyurethane, chromium, carbon fibre and other polymeric materials.

Polymeric materials that convert local fleeting signals into global macroscopic responses - Chemical Science (RSC Publishing) DOI:10.1039";C5SC00701A

Everyday Polymers - Lesson

Students explore the chemical identities of polymeric materials frequently used in their everyday lives. They learn how chemical composition affects the physical properties of the materials that they encounter and use frequently, as well as how cross-linking affects the properties of polymeric materials.

Fibrous Materials : This new updated edition provides an unrivaled overview of fibrous materials, their processing, microstructure, properties, and applications. The entire range of fibrous materials is discussed in depth, from natural polymeric fibers such as silk and vegetable fibers, and synthetic polymeric fibers such as aramid and polyethylene, to metallic fibers including steel, tungsten, Nb-Ti, and Nb3Sn, ceramic fibers such as alumina and silicon carbide, and carbon and gla...

Multicomponent Polymeric Materials

High-performance additives to improve polymeric materials


Polymeric Materials for Solar Thermal Applications (3527332464) cover image