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Blue Lobster and Axolotl Altoids Pondby Bon-AppetEats Altoids Chewing Gum pond tin with a blue lobster, a tiny school of fish, and an axolotl. Details: The lobster, fish, and axolotl were handmade from polymer clay. This means the animals are NOT real. The water is a clear resin. The substrate is sand and small stones. The plants are made from moss.


Back to school! Mao's original Kawaii Paper Clips Set

Kawaii Paper Clips Set Colorful Set of Six Paper Clips, for School or the Office Kawaii style - bright up your papers! Size: H 2.5 W 0.3 *This

do a series of embroidered and beaded mandalas for wall decoration with meaning.


The tree of life has various meanings whether you’re into science, religion, and mythology. Often it signifies the ultimate beginning of you—that you’re a spirit that belongs to the universe and over time has evolved into a complex human being.


Faux Stone Jewelry with Polymer Clay

Vanessa Brady's Faux Stone Heart Tutorial. Add dryer lint to unbaked polymer clay to give it volume. Bake and let cool. - Tried & True


Mermaid Sea Goddess PENDANT or BEAD Paua Shell and Polymer Clay


Cute fox animal totem - Polymer clay animal OOAK figurine

Clay totem animals made to look like they are made out of wood, this one is koala. Description from I searched for this on