Blue Lobster and Axolotl Altoids Pondby Bon-AppetEats Altoids Chewing Gum pond tin with a blue lobster, a tiny school of fish, and an axolotl. Details: The lobster, fish, and axolotl were handmade from polymer clay. This means the animals are NOT real. The water is a clear resin. The substrate is sand and small stones. The plants are made from moss.

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Plastic codes are the numbers on the bottom of plastic products, and the numbers mean different things. Here's a simple infographic to help you decipher...

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Vanessa Brady's Faux Stone Heart Tutorial. Add dryer lint to unbaked polymer clay to give it volume. Bake and let cool. - Tried & True

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Polymer clay earrings by AnarinaAnar on . Try design in felt, maybe with some seed bead embellishment and metal thread embroidery.

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A fasinating piece. Mermaid Sea Goddess PENDANT or BEAD Paua Shell by sculptedwindows, 28.50

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