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Skull of Simon of Sudbury, who met a grisly end when insurgents stormed the Tower of London during the Peasants' Revolt of 1381. They dragged him from his chamber to Tower Hill, struck off his head and placed it on a spike on Tower Bridge.


"Several metres above the ground, a lone protester hangs on to a street light pole in London's Trafalgar Square at the height of the famous Poll Tax Riot on 31st March 1990 as flames erupt from a building site on The Strand."

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Margaret Thatcher's 6 Most Famous Style Rules

The phrase “long-awaited” is over-used in politics, but the official, authorised biography of Margaret Thatcher, 16 years in the writing, commissioned on the condition that it would only be published after her death, is just that: Charles Moore, whose first book this is at the age of 56, must have felt a heavy burden of duty to get it right – even though Lady Thatcher agreed that she would never read his manuscript, and while it is merely Volume I, it feels like a life’s work of research and interviewing.


Jim Crow laws. This shows seregation saying that they will only do washing up for white people, this is seperating both white people and black people. This is the time where they were all meant to be equal but this did not happen in certain States mainly in the Southern States.


Poll tax riots revisited - in pictures

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‘The Battle of Trafalgar’: The Poll Tax Riot 20 Years on.

Poll Tax Riot London 1989


Ridley in documents row: Poll tax statement - ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The Guardian and The Observer - ProQuest

We love working with #smallbiz because of the good people we help who own them! Here is why you guys are just so cool.


The perils of poll tax are here to stay - News & Newspapers - ProQuest

Anti poll tax demonstrators confront the police in Trafalgar square during the anti poll tax riots of April 1990