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Accountants in Essex on

WOW! New Story From Time!: An Australian Chicken Restaurant Has a Live Chicken Running Its Twitter - check out more - accountantsinesse


President Obama isn’t talking to the DC media. But most heartbroken of all is Chris Matthews. O even turned him down for an interview. Matthews can now only leave messages on O’s voicemail: “Why won’t you call sweetheart? Don’t you like me anymore? Are you embarrassed that 44 out of 50 states saw unemployment rise in July? Or scared to death because of the internal polls? It’s okay lover, I promise we won’t talk about that. We can talk about fun stuff, like dogs on roofs & tax returns.

POLL TAX | Many Southern states adopted a poll tax in the late 1800s. This meant that even though the 15th Amendment gave former slaves the right to vote, many poor people, both blacks and whites, did not have enough money to vote.

historicallyblack: “Poll tax exemption, 1898. Photo courtesy of Johnson family. “In 1889, the North Carolina legislature passed voter destruction laws requiring African Americans to take literacy tests and pay poll taxes. Unlike a lot of others, my...


Social media have big debate plans

An unlikely triumvirate — Yahoo, AOL and YouTube — is working with the Commission on Presidential Debates to launch “The Voice Of,” depots on each service for people to watch the debates live and exchange views.

Socialist Party :: The Reunion rewrites history: the Poll Tax

Walter "Wat" Tyler (died 15 June 1381) was a leader of the 1381 Peasants' Revolt in England. He marched a group of rebels from Canterbury to the capital to oppose the institution of a poll tax and demand economic and social reforms. While the brief rebellion enjoyed early success, Tyler was killed by officers loyal to King Richard II during negotiations at Smithfield, London.


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