I'm cycling in the rain, just cycling in the rain... What a glorious feelin' I'm happy again....

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Clifton Double Cover Dot Series Black with a matching Ombre two tone handle. Flexible fibreglass ribs, automatic open and stylish Polka Dotted canopy.

Clifton Double Cover Dot Series Auto Open Black umbrella features a matching Ombre two tone handle, flexible fibreglass ribs and is automatic open.

Sunshine & umbrella! - ©Rob McColl -

A colorful life is a happy life! just a nice pretty picture of a Polka dot umbrella to cheer you up x

Painted Umbrella | Design Love Fest Though there are a lot of cute umbrellas out there nowadays, they can be really expensive, and you dont want to spend a fortune on something thats going to snap in the wind! So follow this great guide by Design Love Fest and create your own adorable brella with big dots, little dots, multicolour dots go wild!

DIY Polka Dot Umbrellas (colorful version on the outside and peek-a-boo version on the inside) and 9 other DIY umbrella designs that will brighten up your rainy days :)!